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“You look very librarianish.”

31 Aug

This is what my husband told me upon seeing me at work in the morning. Nice, eh? Truth be told, I fell asleep in my contacts, and in the morning, my eyes were pissed. Hence, the glasses. I’m still a little “meh” on the concept of wearing glasses and feeling great about myself; I’ve worn them since preschool and was tortured my whole life because of them. Some day I’ll put them on and say, “Why yes, I do look very librarianish” and feel happy about it.

  • H&M hot pink dress
  • Aerosoles brown suede peep-toe pumps
  • Generic black frames
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings
  • Citizen eco-drive watch

Stay cool out there today!

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The Sun is Magical

30 Aug


Whoa, the sun does pretty things, doesn’t it?

  • BDG Yellow and Brown striped cardigan
  • Gifted (from my lovely friend Nicole) Forever 21 white eyelet strapless “tunic”
  • H&M dark wash jeans
  • Frye yellow studded flats
  • Target sunglasses
  • Mysterious shell necklace
  • Citizen Eco-drive watch

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

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Sweet Mondays

29 Aug

I had a bit of a stressful weekend. I spent Saturday distracting myself with dyeing clothes. Worries about the hurricane subsided early Sunday morning, and after that I spent the whole day cleaning. I was fortunate enough to get out of the house last night, but other than that, I was a homebody for the weekend. I guess my laziness inspired this sweet causal look today.

  • H&M pink silk (probably not) flower top
  • H&M light wash skinny jeans
  • Payless light brown ankle boots
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings

I did have some successful dye jobs, however, including one dip-dye! Some of the shirts need to be taken in before wearing, but hopefully you’ll get to see them soon. And I haven’t forgotten about my promise to show you three outfits from one! It was too dark to take pictures inside due to the hurripocalypse. Better pictures coming back tomorrow.

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Urban Chic and Cargo Pants

26 Aug

My husband helped again with the photos today. He’s a champ, and we had some fun taking pictures in the stairwell on the way outside. I’m taking some serious style points from Heidi Klum in this outfit. She’s definitely my style idol. I also love that I can go from looking incredibly sweet to mega-badass in one day!

These pants are dreamy. I think (don’t hold me on this) that I’m going to use them for the 3-for-1 special that I’m going to to this weekend. They are incredibly versatile and surprisingly comfortable. Actually, I pretty much love every part of this outfit. The top was a steal: $5 from UO. The shoes were $19.99, and they’re probably the most comfortable pair of heels I own. And this jacket, which I foolishly left unworn in my closet for over a year, elevates the outfit to a more professional level. I love discovering hidden gems!

  • Old Navy black blazer
  • BDG pastel striped t-shirt
  • Express gray skinny cargo pants
  • Payless black peep-toe pumps
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings
  • Target sunglasses

Speaking of discovering hidden gems: Last night, I went through all my drawers and sorted them into keep, alter, give away, and trash piles. I have about 14 shirts that I’d like to alter in some way, whether they need to be dyed, taken in, or shortened. I’ll be posting some pictures of the shirts over the weekend, and I’ll need your help deciding what to do with some of them! Until then…

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Leggy Liz Likes Looking Leggy

25 Aug

So many crazy things have happened today. OK, well, not really. I brought my camera with me to work with the intention of taking a few shots inside. However, I forgot my flash, and the onboard flash on our DLSR is pitiful. And it was pouring rain outside! I snapped a few iPhone pictures with the help of a coworker (as seen in the middle), but they were awful. Thankfully, the skies cleared and my husband, who happens with work with me, was gracious enough to take a few across the street from our office. Witness their splendor! I’ve included one of the terrible pictures from inside so you could see the sweater I was wearing with it. It was too hot to wear it outside.

Now, normally I don’t shop for clothing at Target. Their clothes are poor quality, worse than H&M. But I was shopping there for beach towels the night before a trip to the shore, and I happened to wander over into the clothes section. I found this dress for $12, and tried it on. I can’t say I was disappointed, though it’s not perfect. It’s a cute summer dress, and it definitely makes me look nice ‘n leggy. It’s definitely the exception to the rule; I don’t plan on shopping more at Target after this year is over.

  • Xhilaration pink floral dress
  • Kimchi Blue gray short-sleeved sweater
  • J. Crew olive strappy wedges
  • Target sunglasses (borrowed from my husband)
  • Shell necklace (I can’t remember the origin. If you recognize it, let me know!)

I thought about wearing my J. Crew leather and gold ring belt, but I changed my mind. Do you think it would have worked? Let me know in the comments!

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The Future and 500 Views

24 Aug

Wow. I’m excited that I have over 100 views of my blog every day so far! Thanks everyone. (And no, it doesn’t count my own visits. I checked!)

I’ve decided that, upon hitting 500 views, I’m going to do a special post for you guys. My very smart and talented friend Allison and I were talking about my blog and its premise, and she suggested that I do a post wherein I make three outfits out of one using different accessories. This is a perfect idea, because as the year passes, I’m going to get very sick of my current wardrobe. Since I’m giving myself permission to buy accessories (not shoes!) at thrift and second-hand stores, this will be a handy skill to practice.

My friend Allison also showed me a great blog called New Dress a Day. While it’s not exactly what I’m doing, I was inspired by her “make it work” attitude and the modifications she makes to the, at times, sad clothing she finds. I plan to use every weapon in my (and the NDAD) arsenal to keep things fresh, including dyeing, sewing, and ripping things apart. I’ll share these experiments with you along the way.

So, share my blog with your friends. Get inspired to buy less and get more use out of what you have. If I can do it, so can you!



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Red, Red, Red

24 Aug

I. LOVE. THIS. DRESS. My coworker, Nicole, came in wearing it one day, and I complimented it. She said, “You know, it doesn’t fit me great on top… do you want it?” Yes, yes, yes. I’ve paired it with a black frilly cardigan so that I don’t freeze to death at work.

  • Gifted Forever 21 red flower dress
  • J. Crew black frilly cardigan
  • Kmart (!!!) black braided flip flops (seriously, the best flip flops ever!)

Ever since I found my perfect red lipstick, red’s been my favorite color to wear. This amazing dress is feeding my red addiction. And my dog, Dali, decided she wanted to be a part of the show today. Say cheese, pup!

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My True Purpose: One Year Without Clothes Shopping

23 Aug

My husband asked me yesterday, as I was writing the About Me page, “What’s the point of the blog?” Now, that sounds like a snide remark, but it wasn’t, I promise. He’s just naturally tactless. But it got me thinking: is that really it? Am I just trying to make the best of my wardrobe, or can I get more out of this quest?

That’s when I remembered Jill Chiver’s blog My Year Without Shopping and the Great American Apparel Diet. Shopping. It’s exactly what I don’t need right now. My husband and I both work in a notoriously low-paying field (research!), and we don’t exactly have a lot of disposable income to throw around.

So, my true purpose for this blog: discover new ways to wear my wardrobe, and survive for one year without buying clothes. I should create some rules for the year:

  • No clothes shopping whatsoever
  • Accessories (not including shoes!) only at thrift stores
  • Shoes only when necessary

Living in the city means that shoes get destroyed much quicker than they should. Having shoes is important, but I promise to only replace necessary footwear. I’m making a special exception for accessories because they are generally cheaper than clothing and can make whole new outfits out of old clothes.

This is going to be a hard year. I can’t think of a time I’ve gone one month without buying an article of clothing. Well, here goes nothing.

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A Pop of Color

23 Aug

It was a little cooler in the morning, so I took the opportunity to wear something a little heavier, since my office is always freezing. My lab is also starting an experiment on older (60+) adults today, so I wanted to look extra put-together. I would have loved to wear my black peep-toe pumps with this outfit, but wearing heels while running the experiments is a recipe for a sore back. I think the flats are still pretty cute, though. I look creepy in the last photo. I love it.

  • J. Crew gray painter’s tee
  • Thrifted high-waisted black lace pencil skirt
  • Payless black rosette flats
  • Thrifted red skinny belt
  • Lara Lewis red rhinestone earrings

The new pictures look much better than iPhone photos, and it wasn’t that difficult to get them transferred and uploaded this morning. A new location is my next challenge. Until next time!

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Better Photos

22 Aug

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to use our DSLR to take better photos. It’s going to be a lot more work in the morning, but it’s necessary. One of my favorite style blogs, What Would a Nerd Wear, does the best job of taking photos in new and interesting settings. This is going to be an even more difficult task for me, but we’ll see what I can do.

I hope you stick with me while I work out the new-blog bugs.

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