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All I Do is Win, Win, Win No Matter What!

28 Sep

Just kidding!

I wanted to give a quick update on the status of my mission. So far, I have resisted the temptation to buy clothing, with the huge exception of clothing for my Halloween costume:

Quorra from TRON: Legacy

I purchased a black vest, black leggings, and silver reflective fabric tape. The costume will certainly be a very low-tech version of the costume pictured above, but it’ll still be fun. I’m excited to put it all together. I need to get a wig (no way I’m chopping off my hair!), a frisbee to make the disc, and I should be done!

I’ve made some observations since I’ve started this mission and blog a little over a month ago:

  • This whole blog thing is a lot of work. I apologize for the days you don’t see pictures; work is getting crazier and crazier, and the fact that on most days I rely on my husband and my schedules to line up makes it especially hard.
  • All of my shopping emails are filtered into their own folder. I’ve been doing this for years, but despite this, you’d be surprised how often I’m still tempted. I haven’t thought much about shopping or things I “needed” since starting my mission, but I did when I went into that folder today to clear it out. No more doing that!
  • I joined a gym earlier in the summer, one that was due to open in September, but the opening was postponed until November 1st. I’m actually a little worried about starting a gym routine, because if my body changes too much, I don’t know how much of my clothing will continue to fit me! You folks can clearly see that I don’t need to lose weight, but just the thought of shifting things around a bit (flatter tummy? tighter bum?) scares me. Most of my clothing barely fits as it is! In fact, the pants I wore today (they can also be seen here) have safety pins tightening the fabric belt around the waist. You don’t notice it with a shirt on, but if my bum gets any smaller, I’ll have to get them taken in. My skinny gray cargo pants fit a little strangely around the waist and bum too, and at times, are a little “weird” in the crotch. And jeans! Oy. Jeans are tough for me. Since I’m not very curvy, most of my jeans are tighter in the legs but looser in the bum and waist. If I lose any more waist, I don’t know what I’ll do. It’s much more difficult to take in jeans. I’m stressed, but at least it’s a problem most people would WANT to have. It’s still a problem, however!
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a cute outfit and some snazzy pictures for you guys. Until then!
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Hello, Mosquitos!

27 Sep

Late night pictures today. Sorry! It was a busy day at work. You know, SCIENCE and stuff!

  • H&M gray and white long-sleeve bubble dress (with pockets!)
  • Xhilaration gray and black heather tights
  • Keds for Gap white slip-ons sneakers
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings
  • Urban Outfitters rhinestone long crystal ball and chain necklace
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Concrete and Roses

26 Sep

  • Old Navy black blazer
  • Nom de Plume by YaYa beige floral silk tank
  • Express gray cargo pants
  • Fioni (Payless) black peep-toe pump
  • Thrifted red skinny belt
  • Lara Lewis red gem earrings
  • Target sunglasses
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A Little Zooey, A Little Amsterdam, All Lovely

22 Sep

There are two things about this outfit I’d like to talk about. First, whenever I pull these stockings out of my sock drawer, I always think, “Are these still “in”?” That thought is not one I often entertain, because I like to think I avoid overtly trendy clothing. But, I almost always wear them anyway because I know I look good in them, and that’s really all that style is about, isn’t it? Second, I bought this dress in Amsterdam. It is amazing, however is it very susceptible to wrinkling. Oh, and my husband said I was very Zooey Deschanel today, which is a very good thing. Hooray!

  • Old Navy (not Gap, sorry!) black blazer
  • Modström pink/blue/black plaid tank dress (<3 times a million)
  • Xhilaration black footless tights
  • Fioni (Payless) black faux snake skin peep-toe heels
I’ve noticed I haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately. Whoops!
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I Second That Emotion

20 Sep

It was misting lightly as a took these pictures, so it was all a little rushed. If I had a pair of oxfords, I probably would have worn them with this outfit, but that’s life! And, just like this shirt, I bought this amazing blue J. Crew tuxedo shirt on eBay for something like $15 including shipping. eBay is a gold mine if you know what you want and what size to buy.

  • J. Crew blue striped tuxedo shirt
  • Gap gray v-neck sweater
  • J. Crew gray wool leggings
  • Nine West black leather/suede boots
  • Thrifted red skinny belt
  • Target sunglasses
In other news, The Leggy Lady was mentioned in the September Metafilter podcast! I am so thrilled! Thanks for the support, Metafilter. If you aren’t familiar with Metafilter, you can skip to the Leggy Lady talk at around 8:50. You folks rule!
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“Oh My Goth, You Changed Your Hair!”

19 Sep

Oh my, it’s dark, isn’t it? Also, the sun was blinding me in the first one, which didn’t help with the paleness! I’m getting used to it, and of course it’ll fade a bit with time. My hair looks much healthier now, and I like wearing it down a lot more. Pretty.

  • Gap purple turtleneck
  • Gap brown wide-leg trousers
  • Payless light brown faux leather ankle boots
  • Urban Outfitters brash feather necklace
  • Gifted copper bracelet (from my MIL, she’s got great taste!)
What do you think?
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Welcome to the Dark Side

18 Sep

Well hello there, everyone. What do you think? I’m loving it. I’m a little tired in these pics, so please forgive me. But I do love, love, love it. It’ll fade out at little, but that’s ok. It is so high drama; it’s just what I needed.

  • H&M khaki trench coat (I’ve had this for years. It’s probably the best H&M thing I’ve ever owned.)
  • Gap pink v-neck ruche-sleeve knit blouse
  • Thrifted black lace high-waisted pencil skirt
  • Brash (Payless) nude platform pump
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings
  • Urban Outfitters brass feather necklace
And, for those who read my blog and have never met me and/or my husband, here’s a pic. He looked particularly stylish for our date. He was definitely channeling Johnny Cash… he’s got those penetrating eyes! Purrrr.
  • Gap dark gray pin stripe blazer
  • Express black button-down shirt
  • Levi’s dark wash skinny jeans (seriously, so hot)
  • Steve Madden black distressed boots

Ok, time for me to head to bed. Good night!

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Drop Dead (Gorgeous!)

16 Sep

I’ve figured out my bangs. It was the bizarro left side (right when looking at pictures) of my bangs, the small side, that was messing everything up. For as long as I can, I am just going to pin back those weird pieces. It looks much better that way.

  • H&M navy jacket
  • H&M black tailored short sleeve blouse
  • J. Crew tan and blue floral high-waisted skirt (with pockets!)
  • Xhilaration black striped tights
  • Brash (Payless) nude platform heel
I love this outfit. I feel fabulous today. I want to run around the city looking beautiful. Who’s with me?
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Why I Epilate

15 Sep

I have a confession: I haven’t shaved my legs in three months. No, I haven’t decided to start busting social norms. No offense to my hairy-legged ladies, but I prefer my legs hairless.

If I have just one thing consistently going for me physically, it's these lovely ladies.

But after nearly 15 years of shaving, I realized that it wasn’t doing good things for me. For one, I constantly had razor burn or ingrown hair from shaving. Despite having a full 34″ of slender, long legs, I was shy about my legs due to the problems caused by shaving. Don’t even get me started on waxing! The lower half of my body isn’t allowed within 50 feet of a hot pot of wax. Laser hair removal was a great choice for me for my bikini area, but it wasn’t a great one for my legs. It’s much more expensive than the bikini line due to the size of the area. It’s certainly something I’ll keep in mind if I ever find a great Groupon that includes laser hair removal for legs (this was how I ended up with full course of laser hair removal for my bikini area for $198), but until then, epilation is for me.

There are two questions that people first ask me when I tell them I use an epilator. I’ll answer them right off the bat:

You mean like the original Epilady?

Good god, no. Look at thing! It’s like a snake-leech out for blood! You can just tell it was designed to ruin you forever. Please do not buy that thing. It was clearly made by the Human Centipede scientist. Evil. (I like this one, which I did tons of research to find. I am not affiliated with Braun in any way. Just an educated, happy customer.)

Doesn’t it hurt!?

Well, yes. I have 9 or 10 tattoos, depending on who you ask, so I have a higher pain tolerance than most. It’s a risk/benefit balance for me. If the IRB were to stumble upon me whilst depilating, they’d probably tell me that the pain I was enduring wasn’t worth the benefits I am given. I would respectfully disagree. Why? Because, as I mentioned before, I like my long legs to be smooth and blemish-free, and shaving or waxing didn’t provide this for me.

I know the real question here is how bad it hurts. I can tell you that I have, on occasion, winced during depilation. It hurts. I’m not going to lie to you. Again, we’re doing a risk/benefit analysis here.


When I was shaving, I would do it two to three times a week with each time taking 15 minutes. This is very personal; your time spent shaving might be different than mine. I would spend 30 to 45 minutes a week and up to 3 hours a month on shaving. And the times I most needed to shave, normally in the shower in the morning, I was usually in a hurry or lazy and opted to skip doing it. When using my epilator, I need to take at least an hour and a half if I power through it, or two hours if I’m depilating during that time of the month when pain is much worse. Twice a month. That’s more time than shaving, sure, but I can do it twice a month on a Sunday after brunch while my husband watches tennis or plays Assassin’s Creed. 15 minutes three times a week is significantly harder for me to plan. It’s just how my brain works.

The Real Results

Tonight I depilated for the first time in about a month. I remember doing it a few weeks before the Philly Geek Awards, which took place on August 19th. The picture I show above of my legs was taken on August 31, at least 15 days after depilating. Can you see anything? I can’t. My hair is finer and sparser than it was before I used an epilator, and I experience no irritation whatsoever. Being irritation-free is reason enough for me to deal with the pain, but less hair and more convenience certainly helps.

Have any more questions about epilators? Leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer it!

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Jeans and a Button-down: I Love You

14 Sep

Jeans and a button-down, how I love thee. These jeans aren’t ideal for this look; I’d much prefer a pair of dark trouser jeans, but I don’t have any! I meant to get my husband to take a picture of my booty in this, because it is quite lovely. This shirt was purchased on Ebay, which is great place to shop for tops, especially if you are familiar with the brand and know what size to buy. And this necklace, which I literally dug out from a box in my basement 10 minutes before running out the door for work, was thrifted several years ago. It’s a fun necklace, but it’s a little small for me. I’ll probably try to make it a little longer.

  • J. Crew black and white striped button-down shirt, bought on ebay for, like, $10 including shipping
  • Rerock for Express medium wash distressed jeans
  • J. Crew olive wedges
  • Thrifted cranberry three-tier necklace
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