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The Itty Bitty Pretty Scientist

13 Sep

Meet Kylie Hower, our second guest on The Leggy Lady and another beautiful scientist. Kylie works with me as a research coordinator in the Computational Memory Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. Which pretty much means she kicks a lot of butt and also takes a lot of names. Go Kylie! When she’s not pondering human memory or playing around in Matlab, Kylie is most likely either watching the game or lounging on the beach.

Nobody puts Kylie in the corner!

It has pockets! Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?!


Kylie thinks she looks tired here, but I think we can all agree that she is positively swoon-worthy.


Kylie is my favorite coworker (sorry hubs!), and I love her sense of style. It reminds me of the modern day, yet smart and sane, Betty Draper. She’s rocks!

  • J. Crew black and white polka dot cardigan
  • Old Navy fuchsia dress
  • Old Navy leather belt
  • Tuscanella metallic braided flip flops
Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Kylie soon. If you are interested in being a guest on The Leggy Lady, please email me at theleggylady [at] gmail [dot] com.
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Bang Bang!

12 Sep

I’m funny looking today!

  • Silence + Noise gray blazer
  • J. Crew pink (dyed by me) ruffle tank top
  • Express gray skinny cargo pants
  • Predictions (Payless) white and gray sandals
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings
  • Urban Outfitters pastel gem ring
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But If You Try Sometimes, You Might Find…

8 Sep

Rainy, rainy, rainy. I managed to get photos done and get to work before it started pouring. Hurray. I’m sleepy today.

  • Silence + Noise gray blazer
  • Ecote silk dress
  • Urban Outfitters tights
  • Xhilaration green knee-high socks
  • Hunter khaki classic rain boots
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings
  • Citizen Eco-Drive watch
  • H&M white scarf
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Tutorial Time! A “Bohemian” Braid/Twist/Plait – Youtube

7 Sep

Hey guys! I made this tutorial a while ago (before I cut my bangs, clearly) on how to do this pretty hair braind/twist. I’m not sure if you’d consider it a braid, but whatever it is, it’s adorable and easy.

It’s my first video, so I’m kind of nervous and silly. I also had to fast-forward through a lot of talking, so bear with me on the technical aspects of the video. Hopefully, some of my awesome film friends will help me with the next video I make.

You can see me wearing this look here, here, and here.


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Breaking Down the Gray

7 Sep


I was feeling pretty good about my pictures until I saw them. Taking my own pictures is frustrating because I’m not great at hiding the clicker, and I just feel silly smiling at a camera with no one behind it. Any way, I guess these are the two salvageable ones. Please forgive my miserable face.

  • H&M black and white striped cardigan
  • J. Crew gray ombre dyed (by me!) tank top
  • J. Crew gray wool leggings
  • Steve Madden black ruched bootie heels

I like to pretend sometimes that gray is just a black and white bomb waiting to explode.

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But Only Love Can Break Your Heart

6 Sep

A rainy day after a long weekend. No smiles out of me today.

  • H&M khaki trench coat
  • H&M black and white striped short-sleeve knit shirt
  • J. Crew black cigarette pants
  • Thrifted red skinny belt
  • Hunter khaki classic rain boots
  • Lara Lewis red stone earrings
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Would You Promise to Be Kind?

4 Sep

Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last few days. Thanks for reading!

Friday's outfit. Taken by the lovely Erica.

Erica is so dreamy. I like her.

Saturday beach trip. Ocean City umbrellas.

My beach outfit. I have a soft center.

The obligatory leaving-the-beach custard stop.

Until Monday!

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Guest Post at

2 Sep

Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of pictures today. I’ll have some for you, but they’ll be late.

In the meantime, check out my post on fast fashion at KeyPulp.

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I’m Craving…

1 Sep

If I could buy things for fall…



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Busting the Stereotype Over and Over: Beautiful Scientists

1 Sep

Welcome to the first guest post at The Leggy Lady. Today’s guest is Katie Motyka. Katie is the lab manager at the Infant Language Center here at the University of Pennsylvania. As well as being a brilliant, beautiful baby scientist, Katie is a frisbee champion and photographer. See the comments for the run-down on what she’s wearing.

Look at that amazing outfit! I'm jealous.

Fixing up for the photo. Totally unnecessary.

 Katie likes to mix it up by having fun with her nail color. I’m definitely stealing this idea!
If you’d like to be a guest on The Leggy Lady, send me an email at theleggylady [at] gmail [dot] com. Everyone is welcome!
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