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My Husband Likes It RAW

26 Oct

Get it, guys? Get it? …Anywho, my husband insists we shoot in RAW from now on, and he was nice enough to give me Adobe Creative Suite to make it easier to convert and edit the images. Hooray!

  • Silence + Noise  gray blazer
  • J. Crew gray painter’s tee
  • Levi’s dark wash slight curve skinny jeans
  • Minnetonka gray fringe booties
  • Gap yellow ombre scarf
  • Urban Outfitters rhinestone ball necklace
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings
  • Urban Outfitters black saddle bag
Whew! I really piled it on today! Hehe. Until tomorrow!
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Presenting My Outfit, Like a Boss

25 Oct

I got these lovely earrings in the mail today from my mother-in-law, Claire, for my birthday. The picture isn’t the best, but they are a really pretty pink and yellow. Thanks, Claire!

  • Gap cream cowl-neck sweater
  • Diesel navy blue pleated pencil skirt
  • Urban Outfitters gray footless tights
  • Thrifted brown boots
  • Arianna Bara pink and yellow glass earrings
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Still Sick; Jewel Tones Are The Cure

24 Oct

Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of posting. I was sooooo sick last week, which stinks because it was my birthday week! Anyway, I’m feeling mostly better, though the cold’s still hanging on a bit. I managed the gym, so it’s not all bad.

I took a fashion risk today with the socks and wedges. What do you think? I think I like it, but the socks are definitely thinning in some places which I didn’t notice until I was at work. Whoops. I wish I had a scarf with some of the same colors in it. I’d make good use of that.

  • Gap black ruched-sleeve blouse
  • Levi’s dark wash slight curve skinny jeans
  • J. Crew olive wedge sandals
  • H&M scarf
  • Target purple socks
  • Chou Chou Bijoux jewel earrings
  • Unknown floral ball necklace
I’m glad to be back. Stupid immune system. Work harder next time!
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I am Wonder Woman

17 Oct

I kicked some butt today, I’m not going to lie. In the last picture, I am striking my tough (tuff) pose, but I still look pretty tired. It’s been a long day. However, I got some things off my chest with my boss, I got a lot of work done, and I (mostly) did really well driving today. I’m practicing driving stick, so I drove down to a craft store with my friend Erica. I only stalled twice, and I swear I only stall when there are other people in the car with me. Anyway, I had some victories today, no matter how small!

  • H&M pink bunch dress
  • Old Navy black blazer
  • Fioni (Payless) black peep-toe pumps
  • Black striped tights of unknown origin (maybe Xhiliration?)
  • Chou Chou Bijoux black and fuchsia jewel earrings
This Wednesday is my 27th birthday, and my husband absolutely spoils me when it comes to my birthday week. We went to brunch on Saturday at one of my favorite places, to dinner at one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia yesterday, and tonight, he made me risotto! On the day of, we’re going to a really fancy cocktail bar for drinks which a bunch of friends, including my best friend, who happens to celebrate his birthday the day before mine! I am one lucky lady!
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My New Uniform

14 Oct

I’m getting a hair cut today, which I’m fairly excited about, because my bangs are just a little too long right now and have been curling off to the side to stay out of my eyes. Also, my eyes are a little puffy, so you get a flattering instagram pic instead of a proper closeup.

  • Old Navy black blazer
  • Gap gray short-sleeve t-shirt
  • Levi’s dark wash slight curve skinny jeans
  • Steve Madden black ruched booties
  • Gap black and blue jeweled bow tie necklace
  • Borrowed from husband blue and gray argyle socks (Express, he tells me)

This black blazer and jean look is starting to look like a uniform! Next week will be more interesting and colorful, I swear. Have a great weekend!

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I Feel It All, I Feel It All…

13 Oct

This outfit looks familiar, doesn’t it? A little darker on this fall day, however. I was planning on wearing my nice Steve Madden booties, but my sciatica started acting up, so I had to switch to flats. I think it still works nicely!

  • Old Navy black blazer
  • J. Crew pink (dyed by me) ruffle tank
  • Levi’s dark wash slight curve skinny jeans
  • alice + olivia for Payless taupe and black bow flats
  • Urban Outfitters black ankle socks
  • Urban Outfitters feather metal necklace

I’m loving these jeans! They’ve proven to be extremely versatile. I included an iPhone picture so you can see the scarf and hat. I’m crazy about wearing this hat. It’s such a good fall piece.

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Fall Chic

12 Oct

I like this outfit today. I put on the hat so my hair wouldn’t get blown away and rained on. This would be my ideal weather if it weren’t for the rain.

  • Silence + Noise gray blazer
  • Gap purple turtleneck
  • Levi’s dark wash skinny jeans (semi curve)
  • Thrifted brown leather boots
  • The Sak brown leather cross-body purse
  • Urban Outfitters black and white ribbon paper fedora
Hope everyone stays dry!
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Freaky Monday

10 Oct

What is up with this almost-90 degree weather? Well, it was barely 70 degrees in my office today, hence the blazer, scarf, and hot mug ‘o joe. It was a crazy weekend, what with celebrating fall with some apple picking and family gathering on Saturday, and cleaning the house on Sunday. I don’t feel like I got any rest! I DID get some birthday clothes from my parents, both of which are being worn today.

  • Silence + Noise gray 3/4 sleeve blazer
  • J. Crew gray painter’s tee
  • Levi’s dark wash skinny jeans (Woo! Thank Mom and Dad!)
  • Levi’s brown, orange, and white gingham scarf (Woo! Thank you!)
  • American Eagle for Payless light brown booties
  • J. Crew gold and rhinestone flower earrings
Hope your weekend was more restful than mine
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Apples, Brunch, Jersey, and Family

8 Oct

What a wonderful Saturday. I have the most beautiful, fun friends and quite a nice family, too. And I was in Jersey and didn’t explode or get stuck in a circle. Success!

A pair of piñata apples.

Picking some apples...

The Band


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Leather and Lace

7 Oct

  • Xhilaration pink floral dress
  • H&M blue scarf
  • Urban Outfitters gray footless tights
  • Thrifted brown leather boots
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