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Go Chic or Go Home: I Love You

6 Oct

I found out about Go Chic or Go Home from What Would a Nerd Wear‘s $50 giveaway contest yesterday. I love it! So far, I’ve only uploaded my outfits from my blog, but I think this weekend I’m going to take the time to do 30×30.

30×30 is a monthly mission to take thirty items from your closet and mix them up to make thirty different outfits. Sounds a lot like what I’m doing, doesn’t it?

Definitely check out the website and request an invite to join. And check out my profile after that. I’m definitely excited about this!

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A New Post! It Must be Snowing.

6 Oct

Did you miss me? I missed you. I joined the gym at Penn, and with work getting busy and my trying to make time for the gym, I’ve been slacking! But here’s a pretty set of pictures, thanks to my husband.

I was supposed to get my hair darkened yesterday at one of the salon schools here in Philadelphia called the Jean Madeline Institute. To make a long story short, I told them exactly what I wanted three times (when I made the appointment, when I showed up for the appointment, and when they finally took me back), and after waiting over an hour for a student stylist, they told me they couldn’t do it. Needless to say, this made me very grumpy. So, I went to CVS, grabbed two colors that would lighten and give me a less dramatic shade of brown, and did it myself.

You can’t tell in these pictures because my husband loves to make me look pale and glowing (he likes me better that way, I think), but when the sun hits it, it’s a nice dark golden brown instead of black brown. Better! I’ll probably stick with this through the winter and into the spring. Let’s hope, anyway.

  • J. Crew blue striped tuxedo shirt
  • H&M light wash skinny jeans
  • H&M multicolored scarf
  • H&M brown braided belt
  • Aerosoles brown suede peep-toe sling-back pumps
  • J. Crew rhinestone flower earrings
  • Urban Outfitters gem and wire ring
Until next time!
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