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Halloween Pictures and Goodbye, Sort of

2 Nov

Taking pictures of my outfit every weekday seemed like such a great idea. How hard can it be, I asked foolishly! Unfortunately, it is much harder than it looks. My job has gotten busier, which makes it much harder to find the time in the day to take the pictures. That said, I AM going to continue my no clothes shopping mission, and I will continue updating the blog with mostly text posts and the occasional photo or two. Even though you won’t be seeing my face every day, I hope you guys stick around to see how the rest of my year turns out!

Anyway, I have some Halloween pictures for you! Here’s how my Quorra costume from Tron: Legacy turned out:

I’m really happy with it, but I still have some more work to do on it if I want to wear it again. I wasn’t able to get the reflective tape on the gloves (they’re a little short on me) or the pants, and I didn’t do the sash/skirt thing she wears, either.

This is what I wore to work on Halloween:

I thought it was relatively harmless, but festive, and they were all things I happened to have in my closet. Hooray! Happy (belated) Halloween!

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