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Anne Taylor LOFT Dress… and hello again!

28 Jun

I’m back! I’m going to start posting some outfits here and there. Nothing too intense. I found a nice place to perch my phone for easy pictures, so I no longer have an excuse.

A couple of notes before we get to the outfit:

Next Tuesday, July 9th, I’m getting LASIK! I’m wearing glasses right now because your cornea changes shape when you wear contacts for extended amounts of time (uh, 14 years over here!), and it’s crucial that it returns to its normal shape before they do the surgery. I’m also currently on Accutane (30mg once a day until my eyes are healed, then 2x a day), so I’ll be mostly makeupless for the rest of summer and fall. By November, I’ll be acne free and have perfect vision, if all goes according to plan. In the meantime, you’ll have to imagine that I’m looking as glamorous as I normally do… Did I mention that I’m also growing out my hair? I’m just one big ball of awkward right now! I am feeling really great about myself these days, which is a huge victory considering everything that’s going on.




Today’s dress is a new one I picked up from Anne Taylor LOFT. I usually hate their dresses, but this one caught my eye and I’m glad I tried it on. I’m wearing it with a skinny red belt, black ballet flats with florets, my red (wedding) teardrop earrings, and a Seiko watch. My glasses are Warby Parker Langston frames.


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