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Beach beach beach!

14 Jul

We’re all having a blast!



Cover up is an unknown brand that I bought at Ross. Bathing suit top is J. Crew and boyshorts are Victoria’s Secret. Coral necklace is made by me. Also wearing my heart J. Crew earring and ring with a leather bracelet I bought a million years ago at Urban Outfitters. Sunglasses are Fossil.

Time to go sip on a porch swing and play games!

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Let’s blow this banana stand!

12 Jul

Tomorrow, we leave for OBX. I cannot wait.


This is about the time you notice that I don’t have a particularly diverse wardrobe, nor do I have the funds to change that. I spend about $40 a month on clothes. This dress, which you’ve seen before, was on sale last month for about $40, and so it was mine. The watch is Seiko.


These might look familiar to anyone who knows me. I wear them a lot. J. Crew floral earrings.


I am not the biggest fan of my feet and in general don’t like feet or pictures of feet, but went for it anyway. These are oldish, from Payless. Thought they worked!

I’ll be posting some glamorous (hopefully not sunburnt) beach outfits soon!

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Busy Thursday

12 Jul

Posting this late again… My life has been insane, lately!


Outfit is 100% J. Crew. I love this skirt, but I wish it was just a touch smaller. I’ve been too lazy to take it to a tailor. Shoes are also J. Crew: a maroonish purple leather ballet flat. My favorite part of this outfit is the headband, which is also J. Crew:



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Hump Day

11 Jul

Posting this the day after. Such is life when you work and go to school at the same time.


This is a dress my sister bought in high school for when she was a waitress in a diner… So it’s my diner waitress dress. I love it. No idea what brand it is.

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Hot and Casual

5 Jul

Today is nothing special. Couldn’t bear the thought of shaving my legs (hot water, blech), so I went with linen pants today.


Express nautical linen pants (so comfortable), and a J. Crew scoopneck tee. Yep, I’m basically in PJs.


My necklace is soapstone and painted wood, and it was purchased at Mi Cumbia, an organic nail salon here in Philadelphia. The co-owner of the shop is Columnian and knows a jewelry maker there. Her work is truly gorgeous and a steal. Also wearing J. Crew heart earrings and ring.



These are dangerously close to flip flops (a work no-no for me) but I think they are fine for a casual Friday. They’re Dexter brand from Payless.

My pictures are also very blue today, but I was too lazy to color correct them. I’m exhausted from this long week. Can’t wait to veg all weekend, and then get my eyes lasered early next week! Wish me luck!

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Fake Friday

3 Jul

It’s the day before July 4th, and it’s Wednesday. Holidays should always happen on Monday or Friday. I need a three day weekend!



I was feeling cheery, so I went with a pretty poppy pencil skirt from J. Crew paired with a striped tank from H&M. The necklace is very old; it used to be three chains, but I removed one and used it to lengthen the others. I may switch to one, as it still gets tangled.

Shoes are a strappy olive sandal by J. Crew.


Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!

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