A Little Zooey, A Little Amsterdam, All Lovely

22 Sep

There are two things about this outfit I’d like to talk about. First, whenever I pull these stockings out of my sock drawer, I always think, “Are these still “in”?” That thought is not one I often entertain, because I like to think I avoid overtly trendy clothing. But, I almost always wear them anyway because I know I look good in them, and that’s really all that style is about, isn’t it? Second, I bought this dress in Amsterdam. It is amazing, however is it very susceptible to wrinkling. Oh, and my husband said I was very Zooey Deschanel today, which is a very good thing. Hooray!

  • Old Navy (not Gap, sorry!) black blazer
  • Modström pink/blue/black plaid tank dress (<3 times a million)
  • Xhilaration black footless tights
  • Fioni (Payless) black faux snake skin peep-toe heels
I’ve noticed I haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately. Whoops!
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