All I Do is Win, Win, Win No Matter What!

28 Sep

Just kidding!

I wanted to give a quick update on the status of my mission. So far, I have resisted the temptation to buy clothing, with the huge exception of clothing for my Halloween costume:

Quorra from TRON: Legacy

I purchased a black vest, black leggings, and silver reflective fabric tape. The costume will certainly be a very low-tech version of the costume pictured above, but it’ll still be fun. I’m excited to put it all together. I need to get a wig (no way I’m chopping off my hair!), a frisbee to make the disc, and I should be done!

I’ve made some observations since I’ve started this mission and blog a little over a month ago:

  • This whole blog thing is a lot of work. I apologize for the days you don’t see pictures; work is getting crazier and crazier, and the fact that on most days I rely on my husband and my schedules to line up makes it especially hard.
  • All of my shopping emails are filtered into their own folder. I’ve been doing this for years, but despite this, you’d be surprised how often I’m still tempted. I haven’t thought much about shopping or things I “needed” since starting my mission, but I did when I went into that folder today to clear it out. No more doing that!
  • I joined a gym earlier in the summer, one that was due to open in September, but the opening was postponed until November 1st. I’m actually a little worried about starting a gym routine, because if my body changes too much, I don’t know how much of my clothing will continue to fit me! You folks can clearly see that I don’t need to lose weight, but just the thought of shifting things around a bit (flatter tummy? tighter bum?) scares me. Most of my clothing barely fits as it is! In fact, the pants I wore today (they can also be seen here) have safety pins tightening the fabric belt around the waist. You don’t notice it with a shirt on, but if my bum gets any smaller, I’ll have to get them taken in. My skinny gray cargo pants fit a little strangely around the waist and bum too, and at times, are a little “weird” in the crotch. And jeans! Oy. Jeans are tough for me. Since I’m not very curvy, most of my jeans are tighter in the legs but looser in the bum and waist. If I lose any more waist, I don’t know what I’ll do. It’s much more difficult to take in jeans. I’m stressed, but at least it’s a problem most people would WANT to have. It’s still a problem, however!
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a cute outfit and some snazzy pictures for you guys. Until then!
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One Response to “All I Do is Win, Win, Win No Matter What!”

  1. Ginger 29. Sep, 2011 at 9:41 am #

    I’m heavy and have a wide butt but a relatively narrow waist. Finding jeans that fit a pear-shape is hell. At least right now most jeans are low-rider and not “mom jeans” where the waist size vs hip size is a real issue.

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