Buckets of Rain

13 Aug

I rode my bike to work today, and it was… an adventure. By the time I got to work, my Hunter boots were filled will water! Yuck. Fortunately my change of clothes (and hair!) stayed dry.


How I feel about getting LASIK tomorrow. Nervous and excited. Necklace is some unknown brand chain.


Dress is vintage DVF. I’ve lost a bit of weight recently (the munchkins I ate for breakfast today notwithstanding) so the dress fits noticeably different. Definitely not hugging my (lack of) curves the way it used to. Much more room in the waist, but that’s what happens when I lose weight; I get more narrow!


Yep, nude Lucky Brand flats again. They are just too comfortable and versatile! I really like the bottom of the shoe:


I may have a causal outfit tomorrow. I’m heading to work but only have one experiment to run, then I head home and leave for surgery. Wish me luck!

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