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Remember this busted H&M blazer?

19 Nov


Remember this blazer? It was a birthday gift from my Mom. I love it, despite the fact that it’s from H&M. It has 3/4 sleeves, which I like because I have long arms and most off-the-rack blazers’ arms are too short. It has no collar, cuffs, buttons, pockets or anything else that adds bulk. It’s just ultra sleek black with a hidden metal clasp to close it.

However, when I wore it to work for the first time, I noticed that the shoulders were… off. One shoulder was smoother and rounded, and the other shoulder was more puffy. (Forgive my lack of correct terminology… ) Given that it’s from H&M, this should not have been surprising, but I did love it and was disappointed by the sheer stupidity of this mistake. After a trip back to H&M to look for a replacement, only to find that they no longer had it in stock, I decided to spend the money taking it to a tailor. After all, I didn’t spend money on it in the first place.

When I picked it up yesterday, the tailor told me that not only were the shoulders wrong, one shoulder was 1/2″ longer than the other! Good job, H&M. This is why you’ll never get my money again.

In the end, I’m happy. I can’t wait to add it to my wardrobe. I am dressed a bit more formally today than usually because we are meeting with ETS (the folks who make the SAT, GRE, etc) about an experiment we are running for them. Yay science!

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A Busy Day for Bras and Tap Dancing!

7 Nov


Today I had a full day of work PLUS two exams. Whew! Finally home and about to stuff my face with lasagna.

Today was busy, but also exciting for a few other reasons. One: I got a new bra! I tried True&Co’s home try-on and it was a great experience. You fill out a quick survey, then choose three bras that you want to try. They pick two other bras (the “expert picks”), and you pay $45 to try all five bras for a week. I only ended up keeping one of the bras, mostly for financial reasons, but I’m very pleased with it over all. I’m wearing it now! If you know me you are probably aware that I really love my boobs. The more you know!

Two: my friend Nicole and I decided we were going to take tap dancing lessons together, and today I got my tap shoes!


I love them so much!! They were very reasonably priced (<$50) and comfortable, too. Can’t wait to start dancing! Now: back to work! After my long day I still have to write a paper en français! Bonsoir!

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Geocaching and Nevermore

2 Nov


Friday night we went to Nevermore, a genius party idea that my friends came up with as a way of celebrating Fall, Halloween, and the coming Darkness. Basically, we all drink mulled cider and Ben does a dramatic reading of The Raven once we’ve all sufficiently sloshed. It’s fun. For me, though, it’s a great excuse to dress like a goth vampire. Wee!


On Saturday we went to a picnic in Laurel Acres Park with my family, and on said picnic we did some geocaching. It was a ton of fun. Dali came along, and the kids loved having a “hunting dog” to help sniff out all the goodies.


Naturally, I couldn’t resist bringing the cape out again to romp around in the woods. My accessories were a tad impractical but never once impeded my ability to pop out from behind a tree and scare my little cousins. Boo!

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Our amazing costumes!

31 Oct

Rachael and Deckard

We went as Rachael and Deckard from Blade Runner. It’s my favorite sci-fi movie and probably one of my favorite movies… ever. We got a lot of love from people who were also fans of the movie. I think we did pretty good. This costume is definitely a keeper. The image above is courtesy of Mikey from Geekadelphia. You can see more images here.

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My birthday!

20 Oct

For my birthday, I went shopping with my friend Nicole. We also went to get some delicious macarons. She gifted me this lovely necklace, which is actually a perfect addition to my wardrobe.


After that I had a lovely dinner with my husband at Osteria and then went to a party at a pub. Overall, a lovely day!

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Peek-a-pew pew!

20 Aug

My first post back from getting LASIK done, and I have to tell you: it was so easy! If you’re interested in the whole story, I’ll be posting about it in a week. Onto zee fashion!


Today’s outfit is a big mix and match of all the things I’ve been wearing lately. Gap broken in khakis, Ann Taylor LOFT sweater, H&M tank, and Fioni shoes.


Close up of the necklace and knit.


No eye makeup for two weeks! Fortunately, I only have one week left of that nonsense! I did manage to look decent at a black tie event without eye makeup AND hide my creep red eye spot in all the photos. Check it:


Seriously, how adorable does my husband look?!

I think I’ll be doing a makeup post first thing tomorrow on CONTOURING! Stay tuned!

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Your Daily Lunch Distraction: Leggy Lady Gets Cosmetic Surgery

24 Aug

I’ve always been OK with the idea of plastic surgery. Now, there’s no chance for a boob job for me anytime soon, as I’m quite happy in that department. But there’s something I’ve been considering for a while, and I finally decided to do it.

When I was a teenager, even as younger adult, I didn’t take care of my skin. It’s not that I actively did bad things, but I did all the things that are huge no-nos if you know anything about skin care, which I didn’t. So I used harsh scrubs on my sensitive skin, I purchased a metal tool meant for scraping blackheads out of pores, and I picked and popped every blemish that appeared on my face. I also lounged endlessly in the sun sans sunscreen. And guess what? It made it worse. Parents, sisters, brothers, relatives: do whatever you can to convince the young people in your life not to do that stuff. Take them to the dermatologist and have the doctor tell them that messing with their face has long-term consequences.

My consequences: big pores, many broken blood vessels and capillaries all around my nose and mouth, and scarring. The pores and scarring, as well as any residual acne I still get, I can work on myself. I stopped using any kind of physical exfoliation products and moisturize thoroughly morning and night. I also use products that are actually right for my skin, not just ones that are supposed to be good for it. For example, benzoyl peroxide is extremely popular in OTC and prescription acne meds, but my skin does not like it. It makes my blemishes worse, and leads to gross swelling and redness. I don’t think I’m allergic, but it actively makes it worse. So I went with a face wash that has salicylic acid and AHA, and I started doing a light at-home chemical peel of glycolic and lactic acid once a week*. Finally, my skin is looking pretty good!

Except for the veins, which is where cosmetic surgery comes in. Now, fine, calling vein treatment plastic surgery a bit of a stretch, but my doctor does other things like botox injections, intensive chemical peels, liposuction, etc. I already go to his offices for laser hair removal (which I highly recommend), so I made an appointment for a free consult and had a chat with him. Turns out, he can get rid of all of those veins around my nose and mouth in probably one session, at the most, two. And the cost? $175! That’s like, a small amount of money for getting rid of something that has caused me a great deal of anxiety and self-consciousness over the past ten years.

If you think cosmetic/plastic surgery will have a positive benefit on you and you understand the potential risks of such a change, I say go for it. No judgement from the Leggy Lady. But don’t let society dictate the way you look! Don’t get a nose job because you think everyone in Cosmo and Vogue has a small nose, too. Don’t get a boob job because every porn star is 36 24 36. That’s not reality, that’s what society is pushing on us. Be yourself. If yourself happens to be a person without broken blood vessels, so be it!

I made my appointment for a week before my birthday. It’ll be ironic that, as I turn 28, I’ll have better skin than I’ve had in years.

*I do this peel myself at home. However, I cannot recommend you try an at-home peel without consulting with your doctor and doing the research. It can be very dangerous!

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Another Buffalo Exchange… Exchange

18 Dec


This dress rocks my world.

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Possible Glasses… Opinions?

14 Dec


I ordered some glasses from Warby Parker to try on, and these are my favorite so far. They’re the “Miles” style.

Tell me what you think!


Doesn’t it look like I have a weirdo robot eye in the last one? I definitely am not a robot, you guys.

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Apples, Brunch, Jersey, and Family

8 Oct

What a wonderful Saturday. I have the most beautiful, fun friends and quite a nice family, too. And I was in Jersey and didn’t explode or get stuck in a circle. Success!

A pair of piñata apples.

Picking some apples...

The Band


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