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Meta Chain

4 Sep

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Sun and sparkles

3 Sep

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Short skirt and booties!

21 Aug

Oh man, I love these shoes. It wasn’t love at first sight, but upon wearing them, they are great!


Shirt is H&M, skirt and shoes are J. Crew.


A closeup.


I love my hair today! It’s my Khaleesi hairstyle for short hair. No eye makeup again, and I’ve been avoiding under eye concealer, too. Just one more week until my LASIK makeup restrictions are over! Necklace is made by me.

Happy hump day!

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Peek-a-pew pew!

20 Aug

My first post back from getting LASIK done, and I have to tell you: it was so easy! If you’re interested in the whole story, I’ll be posting about it in a week. Onto zee fashion!


Today’s outfit is a big mix and match of all the things I’ve been wearing lately. Gap broken in khakis, Ann Taylor LOFT sweater, H&M tank, and Fioni shoes.


Close up of the necklace and knit.


No eye makeup for two weeks! Fortunately, I only have one week left of that nonsense! I did manage to look decent at a black tie event without eye makeup AND hide my creep red eye spot in all the photos. Check it:


Seriously, how adorable does my husband look?!

I think I’ll be doing a makeup post first thing tomorrow on CONTOURING! Stay tuned!

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Buckets of Rain

13 Aug

I rode my bike to work today, and it was… an adventure. By the time I got to work, my Hunter boots were filled will water! Yuck. Fortunately my change of clothes (and hair!) stayed dry.


How I feel about getting LASIK tomorrow. Nervous and excited. Necklace is some unknown brand chain.


Dress is vintage DVF. I’ve lost a bit of weight recently (the munchkins I ate for breakfast today notwithstanding) so the dress fits noticeably different. Definitely not hugging my (lack of) curves the way it used to. Much more room in the waist, but that’s what happens when I lose weight; I get more narrow!


Yep, nude Lucky Brand flats again. They are just too comfortable and versatile! I really like the bottom of the shoe:


I may have a causal outfit tomorrow. I’m heading to work but only have one experiment to run, then I head home and leave for surgery. Wish me luck!

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Muggy Monday

12 Aug

Ugh, another gross August day. I’m over it.


Shirt is H&M. Necklace is made by me! I’m thinking of making it longer… Any opinions?


My engagement ring! I wear it from time-to-time, but it’s delicate so I need to be careful.


Pants are Ann Taylor LOFT, shoes are Lucky Brand.

I got some good news today! I’m getting LASIK done on Wednesday instead of Friday. This way, my weekend is much less stressful. I just hope everything goes well! Until tomorrow!

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Blue Friday

9 Aug

Happy Friday, all. Not much going on over here today. Dinner with friends tonight, lots of rest and relaxation tomorrow, and family time on Sunday.

Shirt is very old… brand unknown. Gap khakis. Necklace from Bauble Bar.


Shoes are Aerosoles, and they’ve lasted at least… 7 years, so go Aerosoles! Ring is J. Crew.



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Oh. My. God, Becky. That zit is so big.

5 Aug

Raaaah. This is one of the worst blemishes I’ve ever had. I haven’t picked at it at all, yet I can see that there are broken blood vessels all around it. So frustrating! I’m tired to wearing these glasses, too. Everything is awkward. And so are my photos! I was pissed that you could see my stupid undershirt in the best photo. GRR. Alas, this is all I have time for today. Oh Mondays! I’m just thankful my husband is a sweetheart and bought me a cappuccino this morning.



Sweater and slacks are both Ann Taylor LOFT (on sale for a grand total of $35!). Shoes are J. Crew, necklace is Urban Outfitters, I think, and I’m wearing a ring by UO. Forgot to slip it back on for the photo:


Close up of the necklace and sweater:


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Beach beach beach!

14 Jul

We’re all having a blast!



Cover up is an unknown brand that I bought at Ross. Bathing suit top is J. Crew and boyshorts are Victoria’s Secret. Coral necklace is made by me. Also wearing my heart J. Crew earring and ring with a leather bracelet I bought a million years ago at Urban Outfitters. Sunglasses are Fossil.

Time to go sip on a porch swing and play games!

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Let’s blow this banana stand!

12 Jul

Tomorrow, we leave for OBX. I cannot wait.


This is about the time you notice that I don’t have a particularly diverse wardrobe, nor do I have the funds to change that. I spend about $40 a month on clothes. This dress, which you’ve seen before, was on sale last month for about $40, and so it was mine. The watch is Seiko.


These might look familiar to anyone who knows me. I wear them a lot. J. Crew floral earrings.


I am not the biggest fan of my feet and in general don’t like feet or pictures of feet, but went for it anyway. These are oldish, from Payless. Thought they worked!

I’ll be posting some glamorous (hopefully not sunburnt) beach outfits soon!

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