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I Love the 90s eBay Roundup

27 Nov

I am thrilled beyond words that 90s fashion is sneaking back in. I’ve been searching the vintage sections of eBay recently for some great 90s dresses that are amazing.

I love…


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A Busy Day for Bras and Tap Dancing!

7 Nov


Today I had a full day of work PLUS two exams. Whew! Finally home and about to stuff my face with lasagna.

Today was busy, but also exciting for a few other reasons. One: I got a new bra! I tried True&Co’s home try-on and it was a great experience. You fill out a quick survey, then choose three bras that you want to try. They pick two other bras (the “expert picks”), and you pay $45 to try all five bras for a week. I only ended up keeping one of the bras, mostly for financial reasons, but I’m very pleased with it over all. I’m wearing it now! If you know me you are probably aware that I really love my boobs. The more you know!

Two: my friend Nicole and I decided we were going to take tap dancing lessons together, and today I got my tap shoes!


I love them so much!! They were very reasonably priced (<$50) and comfortable, too. Can’t wait to start dancing! Now: back to work! After my long day I still have to write a paper en français! Bonsoir!

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My Fall Fashion Picks: Part Two

14 Aug

Today I want to talk about some of the fancier stuff I saw. I won’t go into gowns, but cocktail dresses, work appropriate dresses, etc.

This look is by Jill Sander. I love this top, but I don’t think I could wear it in the same way, due to not weighing <100lbs. The skirt would be pretty versatile as well as the shoes, but overall I thought it was styled well. Less is definitely more, here.

Confession: I would murder someone for this dress. This dress by Erdum is probably my favorite of all of the looks I’m going to show you. I’m not entirely sure I could pull off that color, but who the hell cares. Gaaah.

Oh, Valentino. Your romantic looks just… sigh. This one is correct. I almost wish the shoes were a different texture instead of what looks like plain ‘ol leather… maybe they tried patent and it failed.


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My Fall Fashion Picks: Part One

13 Aug

Looking over the runway fashion for fall, I saw about a million looks that I love and would wear immediately. I’m not going to bombard you with them all in one post. Here are some great looks that are a bit more casual:

This first look, from Céline, is perfect. I would wear this out any day…Maybe not the white heels, but you never know. I might need an oversize coat this fall.


This look is by Band of Horses. I absolutely need these pants. I would take the sweater/scarf, but the pants. Ahhhh! And pair with the booties with the amazing wool socks? I’m dying. Dead. I cannot bear not having this outfit.


Drooooooool. This look is by Rodarte. I want it all. I love the shoes; I could wear them with probably half the things I own. The dress is incredibly versatile. I could wear it to work or to a wedding, depending on how I styled it. I CAN HAS?


This equestrian look by Altuzarra is amazing. The boots really add the edge that this look needs, despite the cargo pants. I probably wouldn’t wear the pants (any kind of puffy does not work well with my hips), but I would wear everything else.

Stay tuned… next time I’ll look at some fancier dresses.

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