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Remember this busted H&M blazer?

19 Nov


Remember this blazer? It was a birthday gift from my Mom. I love it, despite the fact that it’s from H&M. It has 3/4 sleeves, which I like because I have long arms and most off-the-rack blazers’ arms are too short. It has no collar, cuffs, buttons, pockets or anything else that adds bulk. It’s just ultra sleek black with a hidden metal clasp to close it.

However, when I wore it to work for the first time, I noticed that the shoulders were… off. One shoulder was smoother and rounded, and the other shoulder was more puffy. (Forgive my lack of correct terminology… ) Given that it’s from H&M, this should not have been surprising, but I did love it and was disappointed by the sheer stupidity of this mistake. After a trip back to H&M to look for a replacement, only to find that they no longer had it in stock, I decided to spend the money taking it to a tailor. After all, I didn’t spend money on it in the first place.

When I picked it up yesterday, the tailor told me that not only were the shoulders wrong, one shoulder was 1/2″ longer than the other! Good job, H&M. This is why you’ll never get my money again.

In the end, I’m happy. I can’t wait to add it to my wardrobe. I am dressed a bit more formally today than usually because we are meeting with ETS (the folks who make the SAT, GRE, etc) about an experiment we are running for them. Yay science!

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I am a BB cream convert!

24 Sep

I was a little skeptical years ago when the BB cream trend caught on in the US, but I’ve been looking for something new recently and figured I’d try them out. I wanted something that was just as moisturizing as my Stila tinted moisturizer but didn’t give me such a dewwy-looking face. I decided to first try drugstore products because I wanted to save some cash and return them easily if the shade or feel wasn’t right for me. Somehow, I managed to hit jackpot on my second purchase! My first was Lumene Vitamin C+ BB cream. The texture was a little drying, and the color was a pinkish gray… it made me look weird. I returned it and loitered in the makeup aisle until I found Rimmel’s 9-in-1 BB cream. If I’m being honest, I mostly bought it because it was on sale, though I’m quite impressed with it. Ideally I wanted to find something light enough that I could easily skip concealer if I was having a good day but that wouldn’t make me look ghostly and flat like some creams and foundations do. This is me with only the BB cream, blush, brows, and mascara. I’m not complaining!

ma face

Yes, I have flaws, but unless I’m going to a special event, there’s no need for me to go all out. If you click on the link, it will go to a larger view and you can examine my face close up! :) (Beware of hairy eyebrows… I’m growing them out!)

Anyway, I’ve been very pleased with it so far, and the thing that makes me happiest is that I’ve had no signs of a breakout from this product. I’m on board with BB creams!

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Guest Post at

2 Sep

Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of pictures today. I’ll have some for you, but they’ll be late.

In the meantime, check out my post on fast fashion at KeyPulp.

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