Geocaching and Nevermore

2 Nov


Friday night we went to Nevermore, a genius party idea that my friends came up with as a way of celebrating Fall, Halloween, and the coming Darkness. Basically, we all drink mulled cider and Ben does a dramatic reading of The Raven once we’ve all sufficiently sloshed. It’s fun. For me, though, it’s a great excuse to dress like a goth vampire. Wee!


On Saturday we went to a picnic in Laurel Acres Park with my family, and on said picnic we did some geocaching. It was a ton of fun. Dali came along, and the kids loved having a “hunting dog” to help sniff out all the goodies.


Naturally, I couldn’t resist bringing the cape out again to romp around in the woods. My accessories were a tad impractical but never once impeded my ability to pop out from behind a tree and scare my little cousins. Boo!

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