I am Wonder Woman

17 Oct

I kicked some butt today, I’m not going to lie. In the last picture, I am striking my tough (tuff) pose, but I still look pretty tired. It’s been a long day. However, I got some things off my chest with my boss, I got a lot of work done, and I (mostly) did really well driving today. I’m practicing driving stick, so I drove down to a craft store with my friend Erica. I only stalled twice, and I swear I only stall when there are other people in the car with me. Anyway, I had some victories today, no matter how small!

  • H&M pink bunch dress
  • Old Navy black blazer
  • Fioni (Payless) black peep-toe pumps
  • Black striped tights of unknown origin (maybe Xhiliration?)
  • Chou Chou Bijoux black and fuchsia jewel earrings
This Wednesday is my 27th birthday, and my husband absolutely spoils┬áme when it comes to my birthday week. We went to brunch on Saturday at one of my favorite places, to dinner at one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia yesterday, and tonight, he made me risotto! On the day of, we’re going to a really fancy cocktail bar for drinks which a bunch of friends, including my best friend, who happens to celebrate his birthday the day before mine! I am one lucky lady!
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