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25 Aug

So many crazy things have happened today. OK, well, not really. I brought my camera with me to work with the intention of taking a few shots inside. However, I forgot my flash, and the onboard flash on our DLSR is pitiful. And it was pouring rain outside! I snapped a few iPhone pictures with the help of a coworker (as seen in the middle), but they were awful. Thankfully, the skies cleared and my husband, who happens with work with me, was gracious enough to take a few across the street from our office. Witness their splendor! I’ve included one of the terrible pictures from inside so you could see the sweater I was wearing with it. It was too hot to wear it outside.

Now, normally I don’t shop for clothing at Target. Their clothes are poor quality, worse than H&M. But I was shopping there for beach towels the night before a trip to the shore, and I happened to wander over into the clothes section. I found this dress for $12, and tried it on. I can’t say I was disappointed, though it’s not perfect. It’s a cute summer dress, and it definitely makes me look nice ‘n leggy. It’s definitely the exception to the rule; I don’t plan on shopping more at Target after this year is over.

  • Xhilaration pink floral dress
  • Kimchi Blue gray short-sleeved sweater
  • J. Crew olive strappy wedges
  • Target sunglasses (borrowed from my husband)
  • Shell necklace (I can’t remember the origin. If you recognize it, let me know!)

I thought about wearing my J. Crew leather and gold ring belt, but I changed my mind. Do you think it would have worked? Let me know in the comments!

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