Makeup Revelations…

21 Aug

Originally this was supposed to be about contouring, but it’s turned out to be about all the awesome tricks I’ve learned from people on YouTube. People who tell me how great my skin looks… shhhhh, I’m wearing foundation! Here are the two makeup artists who have inspired and transformed the way I apply my own makeup.

First, Lisa Eldridge. She’s a makeup artist for the stars and has done a ton of magazine covers and editoral looks. I’ve mentioned her before, but it’s worth repeating. She rules. I’m serious, just go through and watch her videos. She goes over a wide range of topics, from every day looks to smokey eyes to “meeting the ex” makeup. I had a huge revelation when I was struggling with acne and watched her video on covering blemishes. She points out that most people who have acne have a few patches of blemishes and great skin in between. I used to cover my whole face with heavy foundation. It looked heavy and awful. Lisa suggests putting as little foundation on as possible, starting in the center of the face and blending out, then dabbing and blending concealer only where it’s needed. Definitely check it out.

Second, Wayne a.k.a. Goss Makeup Artist. I find his videos amusing and informative, and I would highly recommend his channel. Wayne’s video on 100% invisible makeup was great for me, both for everyday looks and for special events. In fact, I did a very similar technique for my “no makeup” makeup look for the Philadelphia Geek awards because I couldn’t wear eye makeup and didn’t want to look like I forgot my eyes. I think it worked out! The video includes some contouring with creams. I think powder is much easier and harder to mess up, but it’s up to you to figure out what works best.

Speaking of contouring: I think it’s the single best makeup trick… ever. Especially if you know you’re going to have your picture taken. A little contouring around your temples, below your cheekbones (at a natural angle!) and under the jaw is very flattering for most people, and you can tweak it for your own face shape and bone structure. Check out Lisa Eldridge’s video on powder contouring and make sure to watch the whole thing, paying attention to when she talks about day vs. night contouring.

Now go on, give it a shot!


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