Oh. My. God, Becky. That zit is so big.

5 Aug

Raaaah. This is one of the worst blemishes I’ve ever had. I haven’t picked at it at all, yet I can see that there are broken blood vessels all around it. So frustrating! I’m tired to wearing these glasses, too. Everything is awkward. And so are my photos! I was pissed that you could see my stupid undershirt in the best photo. GRR. Alas, this is all I have time for today. Oh Mondays! I’m just thankful my husband is a sweetheart and bought me a cappuccino this morning.



Sweater and slacks are both Ann Taylor LOFT (on sale for a grand total of $35!). Shoes are J. Crew, necklace is Urban Outfitters, I think, and I’m wearing a ring by UO. Forgot to slip it back on for the photo:


Close up of the necklace and sweater:


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