Still Sick; Jewel Tones Are The Cure

24 Oct

Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of posting. I was sooooo sick last week, which stinks because it was my birthday week! Anyway, I’m feeling mostly better, though the cold’s still hanging on a bit. I managed the gym, so it’s not all bad.

I took a fashion risk today with the socks and wedges. What do you think? I think I like it, but the socks are definitely thinning in some places which I didn’t notice until I was at work. Whoops. I wish I had a scarf with some of the same colors in it. I’d make good use of that.

  • Gap black ruched-sleeve blouse
  • Levi’s dark wash slight curve skinny jeans
  • J. Crew olive wedge sandals
  • H&M scarf
  • Target purple socks
  • Chou Chou Bijoux jewel earrings
  • Unknown floral ball necklace
I’m glad to be back. Stupid immune system. Work harder next time!
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