The Future and 500 Views

24 Aug

Wow. I’m excited that I have over 100 views of my blog every day so far! Thanks everyone. (And no, it doesn’t count my own visits. I checked!)

I’ve decided that, upon hitting 500 views, I’m going to do a special post for you guys. My very smart and talented friend Allison and I were talking about my blog and its premise, and she suggested that I do a post wherein I make three outfits out of one using different accessories. This is a perfect idea, because as the year passes, I’m going to get very sick of my current wardrobe. Since I’m giving myself permission to buy accessories (not shoes!) at thrift and second-hand stores, this will be a handy skill to practice.

My friend Allison also showed me a great blog called New Dress a Day. While it’s not exactly what I’m doing, I was inspired by her “make it work” attitude and the modifications she makes to the, at times, sad clothing she finds. I plan to use every weapon in my (and the NDAD) arsenal to keep things fresh, including dyeing, sewing, and ripping things apart. I’ll share these experiments with you along the way.

So, share my blog with your friends. Get inspired to buy less and get more use out of what you have. If I can do it, so can you!



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