Why I Epilate

15 Sep

I have a confession: I haven’t shaved my legs in three months. No, I haven’t decided to start busting social norms. No offense to my hairy-legged ladies, but I prefer my legs hairless.

If I have just one thing consistently going for me physically, it's these lovely ladies.

But after nearly 15 years of shaving, I realized that it wasn’t doing good things for me. For one, I constantly had razor burn or ingrown hair from shaving. Despite having a full 34″ of slender, long legs, I was shy about my legs due to the problems caused by shaving. Don’t even get me started on waxing! The lower half of my body isn’t allowed within 50 feet of a hot pot of wax. Laser hair removal was a great choice for me for my bikini area, but it wasn’t a great one for my legs. It’s much more expensive than the bikini line due to the size of the area. It’s certainly something I’ll keep in mind if I ever find a great Groupon that includes laser hair removal for legs (this was how I ended up with full course of laser hair removal for my bikini area for $198), but until then, epilation is for me.

There are two questions that people first ask me when I tell them I use an epilator. I’ll answer them right off the bat:

You mean like the original Epilady?

Good god, no. Look at thing! It’s like a snake-leech out for blood! You can just tell it was designed to ruin you forever. Please do not buy that thing. It was clearly made by the Human Centipede scientist. Evil. (I like this one, which I did tons of research to find. I am not affiliated with Braun in any way. Just an educated, happy customer.)

Doesn’t it hurt!?

Well, yes. I have 9 or 10 tattoos, depending on who you ask, so I have a higher pain tolerance than most. It’s a risk/benefit balance for me. If the IRB were to stumble upon me whilst depilating, they’d probably tell me that the pain I was enduring wasn’t worth the benefits I am given. I would respectfully disagree. Why? Because, as I mentioned before, I like my long legs to be smooth and blemish-free, and shaving or waxing didn’t provide this for me.

I know the real question here is how bad it hurts. I can tell you that I have, on occasion, winced during depilation. It hurts. I’m not going to lie to you. Again, we’re doing a risk/benefit analysis here.


When I was shaving, I would do it two to three times a week with each time taking 15 minutes. This is very personal; your time spent shaving might be different than mine. I would spend 30 to 45 minutes a week and up to 3 hours a month on shaving. And the times I most needed to shave, normally in the shower in the morning, I was usually in a hurry or lazy and opted to skip doing it. When using my epilator, I need to take at least an hour and a half if I power through it, or two hours if I’m depilating during that time of the month when pain is much worse. Twice a month. That’s more time than shaving, sure, but I can do it twice a month on a Sunday after brunch while my husband watches tennis or plays Assassin’s Creed. 15 minutes three times a week is significantly harder for me to plan. It’s just how my brain works.

The Real Results

Tonight I depilated for the first time in about a month. I remember doing it a few weeks before the Philly Geek Awards, which took place on August 19th. The picture I show above of my legs was taken on August 31, at least 15 days after depilating. Can you see anything? I can’t. My hair is finer and sparser than it was before I used an epilator, and I experience no irritation whatsoever. Being irritation-free is reason enough for me to deal with the pain, but less hair and more convenience certainly helps.

Have any more questions about epilators? Leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer it!

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2 Responses to “Why I Epilate”

  1. elizabeth 15. Sep, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    This brings back so many memories of trying to Nair the crap out of basically my entire body as a teenager. Lesson learned: Anything that alleges it will chemically dissolve your hair will be painful and won’t work.

    But since I still hate shaving, I might have to give this a try…

    • leggyliz 15. Sep, 2011 at 10:28 am #

      Yeeeeees. Nair is terrible! My mom *really* wanted me to use Nair instead of shaving, and it was so awful.

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